We’re very happy to have received a lot of positive feedback on the #GoBreastfeedBoldly campaign. Yay! It feels good to contribute towards the call to normalize breastfeeding in public through our rather revealing breastfeeding photos.

We’ve heard and read heartwarming comments of admiration. A friend of mine who congratulated me said it must have taken a lot of guts to do the campaign. Oh yes! Most of the moms had their own concerns and hesitations prior to the shoot. Thankfully, we all decided to push forward knowing that the benefits outweigh the risks.

Many also said the photos are beautiful. Thanks partly to our un-Photoshopped breastfeeding bodies for that (haha!) but, mostly, thanks to our photographer Apy Arevalo. She is an amazing woman who said “Yes!” the moment I pitched to her the idea for this photo shoot.

I was happy with just a simple black & white photo. But she had a little more time and a LOT more talent and did these wonderful graphic work on our colored photos. I don’t know about you, but these look like Amorsolo paintings to me!

apy arevalo art bing

Apy painstakingly assembled each rock, branch, cloud and horizon to create these works of art. She also kept to her promise not to edit our body parts to make us look “flawless”.

apy arevalo art armi

Now, I’m pitching to you. (Yes, you reading this.)

We’re thinking of doing a #GoBreastfeedBoldly batch 2 and it will be a fundraiser towards breastfeeding education.

What you will get:

1. Beautiful hi-res breastfeeding photo in black & white like the ones you see here

2. Beautiful hi-res breastfeeding photo in graphic art as you see on this page

3. An unforgettable experience of a professional photo shoot with your baby

How much it will cost: P3,000 for each breastfeeding mom and baby or babies

P1,500 will cover fees of photographer and use of studio while P1,500 will go towards the creation of breastfeeding training materials and videos to be hosted on this site.

We will hold the shoot on September 6, 2015 (Sunday) at 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. at citruSnap Photography Studio located at Unit 801 RCI Bldg. Rada St. Makati City.

Interested? Click here to reserve a slot now.

Here are more of Apy’s work:

apy arevalo art kate


apy arevalo art cheryl

apy arevalo art kaice

apy arevalo art claire

apy arevalo art vanessa

apy arevalo art kat


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